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Le Temps - Switzerland | Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Nicolas Sarkozy's shocking holiday

The editorialist Jean-Claude Pélet is very disappointed by the attitude of the French president-elect, Nicolas Sarkozy, who has gone to relax on the coast of Malta for a few days on a sumptuous yacht owned by the French Industrialist Vincent Bolloré. "What better way to scoff at the 46 % of the French who didn't trust you enough to vote for you. It wasn't very clever to want to hose down the housing estates in order to clean up the local 'scum', but spraying the Republic with champagne like that is hardly any better. Maybe this means that we should read the tactics of 'rupture' so dear to the UMP candidate, as a way of doing away with all taboos, including that of money. Unless, that is, Nicolas Sarkozy turns out not to be the president of rupture that he claims to be. Not, in, any case, when it comes to pampering privileged relations with a social cast featuring opinion makers. Happy holidays all the same, Mr. President, enjoy them while they last."

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