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Standart - Bulgaria | Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bulgarian media hungry for IS terror

The Bulgarian media over the weekend spread false information about two IS fighters who had allegedly forced their way into the country and were planning terrorist attacks. The Interior Ministry denied the reports. The daily Standart is outraged at the media's sensation-mongering: "Those announcing the end of the world were disappointed that the attacks they prophesied in Bulgaria did not take place. They were downright furious that the terrorists were not taking Bulgaria seriously. Thank goodness there are no sleeper cells in Bulgaria at the moment. Nor are we at the top of the list of [al-Qaeda leader] Zawahiri or [IS leader] al-Baghdadi as potential targets. But rather than making us unhappy, this should give us cause to rejoice. At the same time the chaos is increasing in neighbouring Turkey, after it joined the international coalition against IS. Which is why perhaps it would be better if society and the media concentrated on real dangers instead of spreading fantasies every day."

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