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Delo - Slovenia | Thursday, July 30, 2015

Croatia seeks external foe in border dispute

The Croatian parliament on Wednesday unanimously voted in favour of the country's withdrawal from the arbitration proceedings on the border dispute with Slovenia. Their outrage was triggered by media reports on illicit phone calls between a judge and a member of the Slovenian government. Croatia is again insisting on its position at any cost, complains the centre-left daily Delo: "It seems as if the Croatians have forgotten the word compromise again. It's either the way we want it, or nothing at all! No matter what the cost. ... Croatia has been an EU member for two years - but in the heads of many of its citizens the country is still a long way off from joining. In a situation like this, which is only made worse by poor economic performance and a public which is disappointed by politics and mistrusts all social structures except the Church and the army, it seems only logical to focus on external foes rather than the country's problems. And where is that foe to be found? Ideally, right next door."

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