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Newsweek Polska - Poland | Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Erdoğan wants to stoke anti-Kurdish sentiment

Despite all appearances Ankara hasn't changed its strategy against Islamist terror, the liberal Newsweek Polska magazine argues: "Turkey has always behaved passively towards the IS and al-Qaeda in Syria - almost as if it had an informal non-aggression pact with them. Erdoğan may now be allowing the Americans to use an airport after having turned down Washington's requests to do so up to now. … But has Erdoğan really reached the conclusion that jihad represents a major threat? No. Because Turkey has launched a major offensive against the Kurds at the same time. … Erdoğan has only half joined the US in the fight against the IS to stop the Americans interfering in Turkey's conflict with the Kurds. … We can expect the following scenario: anti-Kurdish resentment in Turkey will start growing again, the [pro-Kurdish] HDP will fail to gain any parliamentary seats in new elections and the AKP will emerge as the definitive winner."

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