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Greek crisis: Nikos Dimou on anti-EU sentiment among Greeks

The critical attitude towards the EU prevalent in the government and among large swaths of the population will only hurt Greece in the long term, fears writer Nikos Dimou on the liberal website Protagon: "Europe is certainly no paradise, but it's the best thing we have right now. … Do you know another place on the planet that better respects the dignity of its citizens, which is more peaceful, more civilised and more progressive? Would you prefer Africa, South America or the Far East? I fear that the anti-European venom which is currently coursing through the veins of most of the Greeks will do us more damage than our debts or the deficit. We have always had a problem with our identity: is it Balkan, Oriental or European? Now we have talked up this problem so much that we are in danger of becoming a national non-entity. No one - not even the world's greatest superpower - is autonomous. Every person works within the framework of traditions, a cultural environment and rules. If we reject Europe, where do we belong?"

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