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Ziare - Romania | Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More civic courage to stop violence against women

Around 200,000 people in Romania have signed a petition for the arrest of seven teenagers accused of having abused and raped a girl in November 2014. The judges ordered their release from prison after just a few months in custody. With a view to the upcoming trial, journalist Ioana Ene Dogioiu in the news portal Ziare doubts the efficacy of the online petition: "Lynch justice does not exist. Thankfully people's courts are a thing of the past, and justice is now decided in courtrooms - by judges who respect the law. … Yet one thing remains unclear: on the one hand the citizens are showing a strong sense of justice in this rape case. That's a good thing! Yet when women are attacked in the middle of the day on busy streets, no one intervenes. This is exactly what happened to a young woman in Bucharest and no one gave a damn. We would be a much better society if people showed more civic courage in such cases."

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