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Wiener Zeitung - Austria | Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A deal with an unpleasant aftertaste

The agreement between Athens and its sponsors is on the whole a good thing but the way Germany imposed its will was wrong, the liberal daily Wiener Zeitung comments: "The 'deal', even if it is being described as a 'coup', covers both sides of Greece's needs: more money (and time) and reforms to increase buying power in the country. The politically unsavoury aspect is the way Germany approached the issue politically. It's not quite clear whether German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble really had to give such an exaggerated performance of the Teutonic villain. Nor was it wise not to let France play a stronger role, because now the Greek agreement smacks unpleasantly of the Germans always being the smart alecks and not tolerating anyone by their side in the Eurozone. Not allowing a Grexit was absolutely right. But the Germans are terrible in the role of directors of the Eurozone."

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