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Newsweek Polska - Poland | Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Democracy must put up with ultraconservatives

Polish TV viewers have set up a Facebook page on which they demand that television stations stop inviting journalist Tomasz Terlikowski and theology professor Dariusz Oko because of their ultraconservative views. But such a measure disregards the pluralism of opinions, the liberal news magazine Newsweek Polska contends: "The fact is that the two have repeatedly insulted gays and lesbians, as well as proponents of artificial insemination - and in the most crude manner. .. But does that mean they should be boycotted? We've all got a zapper. We can change the channel and watch a football game, a film, the news or a lifestyle programme instead. ... The fact is that we live in a democracy and must come to terms with opinions that differ from our own - whether we like it or not."

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