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Die Presse - Austria | Thursday, June 25, 2015

Europe betraying its principles in the crisis

Ahead of this Thursday's EU summit in Brussels Hungary's government has threatened to abandon the Dublin Regulation according to which refugees are returned to the country where they entered the EU. French police are currently preventing migrants from entering France via Italy. The conservative daily Die Presse warns that this could mean the end for key projects of the European Union: "Turning back the refugees on the border with Hungary would paint a perfect picture of the EU's inability to deal with a global problem. At the end of the row of fallen dominoes is the end of freedom of travel. If the euro's credibility vanishes in the course of the negotiations with Greece and if the freedom of travel is lost because of the refugees, we must be allowed to ask one question: what will be left of the EU? A trade union with too much red tape. .. Principles are only principles if they are adhered to in a crisis. Two of them, solidarity among the EU partners and the freedom to travel, are in acute danger right now."

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