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Deutsche Welle - Romania | Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Romania's MPs lack all decency

Romania's parliamentarians voted for an increase in their pensions on Tuesday. In future they will receive between 300 and 1000 euros more per month, depending on how long they held office. The MPs have the wrong idea entirely, German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle's Romanian service complains: "The draft law included an annex showing how much pay parliamentarians in the EU receive and how their pensions are arranged. … This comparison is dishonest. But it is supposed to show that Romanian MPs are paid a lot less than their colleagues in other countries. This is true, but the MPs in Bucharest are the representatives of poorly paid citizens, which in turn is an expression of their work. … One wonders what is worse: the fact that they have given themselves special pensions or that they compare their salaries with those in Western Europe. That is completely lacking in decency."

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