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Blog euinside - Bulgaria | Friday, June 12, 2015

Eurozone would be stronger without Greece

Greece should leave the Eurozone before it plunges the EU into a crisis of values, Adelina Marini writes on her blog euinside: "The investors are calling on the Greek government to show a sense of responsibility not only toward its own voters but also toward the voters of other EU countries. ... And what do they get in return? The typical Balkan arrogance backed by nothing but hot air. That is a true clash of values. ... The EU has made so many compromises as regards its own rules and values that the departure of Greece, which disregards these rules and values, would do more to strengthen the Union than to undermine trust in it. ... Millions of people have sacrificed their lives for European values. Let's not forget that they are set down in Article 2 of the founding treaty, and not just in some annex. They are the foundation of the EU, and more valuable than any state bankruptcy."

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