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Woxx - Luxembourg | Friday, April 20, 2007, a website for artists and art consumers

In this year of cultural profusion in Luxemburg, the 2007 European capital of culture, the chronicler Luc Caregari takes an interest in a website designed to guide visitors. "The website is called and is the initiative of four individuals - so far on a volunteer basis - from the artistic scene or the media field, seeking to revamp the local cultural landscape. To do this, the artchannel team has decided to put artist's portraits and documentaries made for institutions on line. The website managers have a view that is more practical than artistic. ... This runs the risk of drowning it in the deluge of cultural pamphlets and adverts that has been swamping Luxemburg throughout 2007. Artchannel thus has to prove itself efficient as a form of meta-media for guiding lost consumers through the cultural forest."

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