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The Times - United Kingdom | Monday, June 8, 2015

Cameron comes across as a softie in the EU

Fifty Eurosceptic British Conservatives have threatened to vote for the Brexit if British Prime Minister David Cameron doesn't manage to push through reforms favouring Britain in his negotiations with Brussels. The conservative daily The Times also detects a lack of fighting spirit in Cameron: "He looks weak and uncertain at a time and on an issue on which it is essential that he looks strong and decisive. ... The best tactic is for Mr Cameron to go to Brussels with ambitious demands to get as much as he can from other European leaders. He should make it clear that if his demands are not met he is willing to recommend to the British people that they should vote to leave the European Union. By not acting tough, he has signalled that he wants to remain inside the EU even if his demands are rebuffed. It is not an auspicious start."

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