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Právo - Czech Republic | Thursday, May 14, 2015

Key to solution lies outside Europe

The protest on the part of several EU countries against a quota system for refugees comes as no surprise for the left-leaning daily Právo: "The flood of refugees could fuel political conflicts and raise the influence of far-right parties, which could in turn destabilise the EU as a whole. ... More sensible than quotas would be a military mission in the coastal areas of Libya and the construction of refugee camps there under EU supervision. That could do much to stop organised criminals from exploiting potential refugees. ... A long-term solution is considerably more complicated: to bring that about, the Middle East would have to be politically, economically and militarily stabilised, with extensive humanitarian intervention and development aid with the help of the rich Arab states. ... Then comes the most difficult task: integrating adaptable refugees in a way that will benefit Europe, also bearing in mind our own demographic problems. That will take a long time, and will be expensive and politically unpopular. But there is no alternative."

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