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Hürriyet - Turkey | Monday, May 4, 2015

AKP puts peace process at risk for election

In the run-up to Turkey's general election in early June, the governing AKP party has above all attacked the HDP - which has close ties to the country's Kurdish population - because it sees it as the biggest threat, the conservative daily Hürriyet believes: "The AKP is acting as if the HDP were the main opposition party. It even seems that it's willing to give up the peace process [with the PKK], which until the start of campaigning it had presented as its top priority. The reason is clear: the HDP looks set to clear the ten percent hurdle for getting into parliament. And if it does, Erdoğan will have to abandon his dream of a Turkish version of the presidential system. ... For that reason the AKP is honing its nationalist rhetoric at the expense of the peace process, and targeting the HDP to attract nationalist voters. ... But in doing so it has forgotten one thing: this strategy that relies on the naivety of nationalist voters will be of no avail, and at the same time it will seriously hinder work on the peace process after the elections."

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