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Blog Adevărul - Romania | Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ponta imitating Ceauşescu with tip tax

According to a government decree passed on Tuesday, tips will be subject to a 16 percent tax as of May 1. Journalist Liviu Avram writes that the move is reminiscent of dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu, who wanted to force citizens to address each other as "comrade": "Ceauşescu was an idiotic illiterate who thought he could control everything in the country, even the most delicate interpersonal relations. … Prime Minister Victor Ponta is no illiterate, but only a psychologist could explain what he was thinking when he passed this decree. … Tips are an interpersonal affair, not a matter between citizen and state. … The decree is also a sign of powerlessness. As things stood up to now the tax collectors couldn't prove tax fraud if the business owners claimed that the untaxed money was tips from their customers. Instead of finding a solution, the government is invading an area in which the state has no business: human relations."

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