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Diena - Latvia | Thursday, April 23, 2015

Don't lump all Russians together on May 9

The celebrations on May 9 marking the anniversary of the end of World War II remain controversial in Latvia. Every year hundreds of Russians celebrate the liberation from National Socialism while for Latvians the day marks the start of a second occupation. But this year in particular they should display level-headedness and tolerance, the liberal daily Diena advises: "Latvians must finally adopt a rational approach and refrain from lumping all Russians together on May 9. There are Russians who can't stand Latvia, and who demonstrate an occupation mentality on that day. But there are also Russians who get together on May 9 to celebrate the end of the war and feel a sense of community. It's up to the security forces, not the civil population, to deal with the former. And to criticise the latter for taking part in the celebrations on the grounds that they're making a show of their affiliation with the 'occupiers' is simply wrong. The geopolitical situation today is so tense that we can't allow ourselves to deepen the rift."

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