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Die Presse - Austria | Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Confession at least as important as museums

With his detailed account of Nazi crimes Oskar Gröning is making a valuable contribution to the remembrance culture, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse comments: "In times when apologies for everything and nothing have taken on an inflationary character, this statement stands out. Seventy years after the discovery of this unique crime against humanity the old man is spreading unease according to the German daily Die Welt: he described how after the cynically named 'selection' process to which victims were subjected on arrival at the camp a baby was left lying behind on the ramp without its mother. An SS man took the baby and smashed its head against the side of a truck and then threw its lifeless body onto the rubbish heap. 'Then I complained, my heart stopped beating,' Gröning said. This terrible deed by a single person was more tangible, more terrible than the mass murders with gas taking place nearby. This confessions 70 years later is at least as important as all the memorial stones and museums."

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