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Diena - Latvia | Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Loyal Russians sought for new TV programme

After Latvia's National Electronic Media Council gave its approval for a new Russian-language TV station the liberal daily Diena wonders who will be responsible for programming: "The founders of the Russian-language channel no doubt assume that somewhere in Latvia there are dozens of journalists with a good knowledge of Russian who don't support Russia's imperial foreign policy. And if we don't already have such 'good Russians', well then, we'll just have to raise them. But what should these good Russians look like? Is it enough for them to know the official language and acknowledge the [Soviet] occupation of 1940? And what if they view May 9 and the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union as a day of victory? What if they're against the annexation of Crimea but are sceptical about Western sanctions against Russia? Is that all right, or isn't it? ... At the end of the day, the new TV station will be in the crossfire of political debate."

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