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Sözcü - Turkey | Thursday, April 2, 2015

Implausible theory of far-left violence

Although it was the far-left DHKP-C who took the prosecutor at the Istanbul court hostage, other forces are behind the events, the anti-government daily Sözcu suspects: "Was the prosecutor taken hostage and killed to divert public attention from corruption, theft, joblessness, the oncoming economic crisis and Erdoğan's efforts to get Turkey firmly under his control by means of a presidential system? And this at a time when popular dissatisfaction is increasing and the AKP is losing its voter base? ... The prosecutor wasn't trying to hide anything. He put all his energy into investigating the files of the eleven people who lost their eyesight during the Gezi protests and the murder of Berkin Elvan. ... It's clear that he would have shed light on the circumstances of the killing. He didn't gloss over or suppress anything, and he was on Berkin's side. That's the kind of prosecutor they targeted and took hostage."

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