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Delfi - Lithuania | Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Russians conceal their historical crimes

Two newly released Russian propaganda films "I, Russian Occupier" and "I'm Tired of Saying Sorry" simply go too far, British journalist Edward Lucas fumes on the web portal Delfi: "The first film shows the advantages of the Soviet administration in the Baltic states, Ukraine and Central Asia (for the most part dealing with industry). ... The other recalls Russia's military and cultural achievements, and points the finger at crimes committed by Europe's colonial powers. ... But what is left out of these films is even more upsetting than what they contain. Putin's propagandists conceal the fact that the Russians were also pioneers in the fight against freedom and human dignity. ... Today's Russia ignores historic facts and gets annoyed when anyone dares to bring them up. The victims [of Soviet rule] have good reason to be upset. And maybe that's exactly what Moscow wants."

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