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Kurier - Austria | Monday, March 30, 2015

Tehran is the real target

The timing of the intervention in Yemen is no coincidence, the tabloid Kurier believes: "The intervention is dangerous because Tehran supports its Houthi fellow believers in their bid to gain a foothold on the Arab peninsula. In the worst case this could culminate in a confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, both vying for dominance of the region. Moreover the intervention is dangerous because the conflict is also being waged as a religious war between Shiites and Sunnis and deepening the rift between these two strains of Islam. And finally the commotion of war on the Gulf is getting in the way of the nuclear talks with Iran in Switzerland, which are supposed to produce a framework agreement by tomorrow. But this disruptive impact is fully intended by Riyadh given that its royal family, together with Israel, is among the harshest critics of a deal with the mullah regime. The thinking behind this: if a compromise is achieved the sanctions would be scrapped and their rival would become even stronger."

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