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Deutsche Welle - Romania | Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Journalists often worse than online mercenaries

The Internet commentators hired by the liberal-conservative Romanian party PMP were remunerated with bribe money paid to former minister Elena Udrea, according to corruption investigations against the close associate of former president Traian Băsescu. But such online mercenaries are no worse than dishonest journalists, the Romanian service of the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle writes: "The task of the paid commentators was to give the illusion that they belonged to an overwhelming majority. They didn't present arguments, they just voiced fabricated opinions. All too often, however, that's exactly what the press does too. ... There are many examples of situations in which the media have deliberately mystified facts. And also as far as their verbal violence and their preaching tone go they are every bit the equal of paid commentators. So it would be hardly surprising if the commentators we criticise today see themselves as petty offenders compared to the white-collar hacks who intentionally lead readers astray."

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