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Ouest France - France | Monday, March 9, 2015

Dangerous fear of the Front National

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls admitted on Sunday in a television interview that he feared the far right Front National could achieve record results in the departmental elections on March 22 and 29. Although such concerns are justified it's risky to speak about them, the regional paper Ouest-France warns: "Manuel Valls has expressed the fear, until now taboo, that Marine Le Pen could very well seize power in France. ... Without intending to, he officially acknowledged the failure of the governments of past years. In other words, in wanting to fight the FN by waving a warning flag, he runs the risk of consolidating its power. ... Politically speaking, it's vain to denigrate the FN's ideas without eradicating the reasons for the loss of popularity of the traditional parties. These include the social and territorial displacement of the middle class, growing inequalities between the winners and the losers of globalisation, and the numerous broken promises."

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