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Ziare - Romania | Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Romania lets its prisoners freeze

Romania's ex-Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea asked for permission to redecorate her cell at her own expense on Friday. She is currently in custody on charges of corruption. The decision on whether she can paint the cell bars and install new furniture and wallpaper is due this week. The news portal Ziare takes the opportunity to scrutinise conditions in Romanian prisons: "There can be no talk of luxury here, where basic amenities such as clean water, adequate sanitary facilities and heating are lacking. Moreover the prisons are heavily overcrowded, completely understaffed and the staff they have work under inadequate conditions. ... You can't come with the argument that we lack the money even to renovate hospitals, schools and homes for the elderly. ... The inmates have been sentenced to prison, but not to degradation, dirt and starvation."

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