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Le Monde - France | Monday, February 9, 2015

Arms for Ukraine will destabilise all Europe

The debate over arms supplies for Ukraine is symptomatic of the general confusion about how to deal with the war in eastern Ukraine, the liberal daily Le Monde concludes: "In reality no one except a couple of Republican tenors in the US Congress and the single-minded Baltic states and Poland want to supply Ukraine with arms. President Obama is sceptical and European politicians are aware of the risk of escalation. Some are saying this more clearly than others. But in spite of the renewed German-French attempt to negotiate, which had Europe on tenterhooks all weekend, everyone knows this question must be addressed. That it will be on the table again regardless of the outcome of the Merkel-Hollande mission. Do we arm Ukraine? Ultimately there are few convincing arguments either for or against the idea. But supplying weapons to an almost bankrupt country with 46 million inhabitants certainly wouldn't promote European stability."

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