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Radikal - Turkey | Monday, February 2, 2015

Election a risky strategy for pro-Kurdish HDP party

EU Representatives warned the pro-Kurdish HDP party in Ankara on Thursday not to drop its policy of putting forward independent candidates in favour of running as a party in Turkey's parliamentary elections in June. The liberal online portal Radikal also takes a dim view of the HDP's decision in view of the parliamentary ten percent hurdle for political parties: "It is brave to want to declare battle on the unjust ten percent hurdle, but in view of the danger of being left outside parliament it's a pretty risky decision. ... In this case the votes of the HDP could end up being used as representatives for the [ruling] AKP in parliament. And that would strengthen President Tayyip Erdoğan in his bid to have the constitution amended for a semi-presidential system. Secondly the presence of the HDP is not just important for mediation with the PKK, for public order and a secure climate, but also for implementing rights and freedoms and the development of democracy in Turkey."

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