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Wiener Zeitung - Austria | Monday, January 26, 2015

An end to austerity in Europe

Alexis Tsipras's election victory in Greece spells the end of the austerity policy, the state-owned liberal daily Wiener Zeitung believes: "This is a turning point for Europe. Italy's social democratic leader Renzi also says that the austerity policy must come to an end. And Europe's social democrats will take a very close look at the election result in Greece. The first reaction of Gianni Pitella, president of the political group of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, was two words: stop austerity. Just situating Tsipras and Syriza in the communist corner is too simple. Firstly there is hardly a single head of government on the European Council who can present such an election result, and that alone gives Tsipras legitimacy. Secondly Tsipras will get the social democrats thinking. ... Europe is therefore facing some difficult decisions. The question of whether to extend the Greek bailout programme is of secondary importance here."

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