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Newsweek Polska - Poland | Friday, January 16, 2015

Too early to ease sanctions on Russia

The EU is willing to ease sanctions against Russia if President Putin helps end the crisis in eastern Ukraine, according to an article in the US business paper Wall Street Journal. The journalists quote an EU document. The news magazine Polska doesn't believe the report, which the US journalists claim is based on an internal EU document: "The Union would be behaving far too impatiently if it really does want to change its relations to Russia yet again. Of course it's theoretically possible that this document was intentionally leaked to indirectly signal to Putin a basic willingness for dialogue. But it's still too early for that, because the sanctions are only starting to show their effectiveness. Putin is worried, and panic has broken out in the Kremlin. The Russian president has been silent since mid-December and has taken no special measures. ... And time is not on his side."

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