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Blog euinside - Bulgaria | Thursday, January 8, 2015

EU could unite Serbia and Kosovo

Serbia is still refusing to go along with the EU states' sanctions against Russia. However if the country wants to join the EU it will have to choose between Brussels and Moscow, Adelina Marini writes on the blog euinside: "The government of Prime Minster Alexander Vučić undertook bold economic reforms which did not remain unnoticed in Brussels. He was unconvincing, however, in terms of other key conditions for membership. ... But most of all the policy toward Russia. ... Serbia needs to be aware what is more important - the relations with Russia and Kosovo or the EU. This is a tough dilemma, undoubtedly, but it carries that significance the World War II had for Germany - reconciliation with the past. The choice of the European system of values does not mean losing Kosovo but quite the opposite - winning Kosovo back but with other means. After all, one day, if there is political will, both Serbia and Kosovo can be together in the EU. Then it would not matter what was before."

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