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Le Nouvel Observateur - France | Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jacques Attali defends free access to culture

In an interview conducted by Gilles Anquetil and François Armanet, the French essayist Jacques Attali considers that free access to culture, possible thanks to the digital revolution, does not pose a threat to cultural creation. "Historical experience has shown that there is no resisting technological revolution and I do not see how this revolution would be disastrous for art, or its economy. This economy is today evolving towards something radically new: people no longer simply want to consume art, but to make it too. And for this, they want to listen for free. ... IPods allow people to listen to personal selections of music, we will be moving on to objects that can compose creative mixes and then compose music themselves. Selling the means to become an artist will make up the major part of art commerce. Well-known artist will then serve to help others become artists."

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