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Die Welt - Germany | Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tunisia must not fail

Tunisia can be proud of its first freely elected president but it faces huge challenges, the conservative daily Die Welt comments: "Essebsi must not make the mistake of excluding the Islamists from all political participation. That already didn't work out in Iraq where the Shiite leadership drove the Sunnis into the arms of the terrorist Islamic State through ignorance. ... Tunisia is not out of the woods yet. Its problems are too big for that. Four years of pragmatic reforms can't replace a clever economic and labour market policy. Mass unemployment, economic decline, corruption, an unhealthy subsidies policy - all this means the president faces great challenges. But Tunisia has a good opportunity now, the opportunity to show the free world that democracy is worthwhile. Tunisia must not fail. It must be successful with the West's help. Only then will others follow its example."

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