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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | Thursday, December 18, 2014

Foolish Putin fell into the trap

The international community has lured Putin into a trap from which there is no escape, political commentator Evgenii Dainov writes on the news portal Dnevnik commenting on the rouble crisis: "The West has done a good job bringing this off: the drop in the price of oil - a key Russian export - comes at a time when Russia needs to spend money it doesn't have. Just as with the collapse of the USSR, the trap has been laid in such a way that Russia has no alternative but to spend more money - until it goes broke. That said, 30 percent of this can be put down to the West's cleverness and 70 percent to Putin's foolishness. ... 15 independent states emerged after the bankruptcy of the USSR. Now the collapse of the Russian economy will inevitably lead to a collapse of power structures. For the individual 'federal subjects' this will be a real chance to declare their independence from Russia."

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