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Avvenire - Italy | Thursday, December 4, 2014

Anarchy in Libya threatens Europe

The Islamic militia IS is also trying to gain a foothold in Libya, according to reports by the US military. General David Rodrigues, head of the US Africa Command, said on Wednesday that the Islamic State had been observed engaging in training activities in the east of the country. Libya is a powder keg, the Catholic daily Avvenire warns: "Three years after the less than praiseworthy military mission that started in 2011 with Sarkozy's support, we can say without doubt that the fall of Gaddafi - which was unavoidable and no doubt necessary in some respects - only opened the Pandora's Box of this most fanatic of all forms of fundamentalism. And this fundamentalism has now joined forces with the enormous greed inspired by the economy of a country 95 percent of whose revenues still consist of profits from oil exploitation and distribution. Southern Europe - a stone's throw from the coast of a Libya rife with violent anarchy - simply cannot go on acting as if nothing had happened."

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