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Wiener Zeitung - Austria | Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let the fox guard the hens

The state-owned Wiener Zeitung sees Juncker, with his insider knowledge of Luxembourg's tax break model, as the right man for the job of clearing up the tax break affair: "When Ikea gets away with paying just 48,000 euros in corporate tax on 2.5 billion euros of profit, it's plain for all that this is no way to maintain a European social model. Juncker is now EU Commission president, so it's up to him to put an end to this. Putting the fox in charge of the henhouse can be a valid strategy. Because at least Juncker has detailed knowledge of how tax evasion works. If anyone can crack down on it effectively, it's him. The finance ministers and leaders of the 28 EU member states should stay out of the affair. The Netherlands, Cyprus, Malta, the UK and Austria have all lured businesses with tax breaks. Everyone must have realised that these models bordered on tax fraud. Juncker should put an end to it as quickly as possible. His resigning would be pointless."

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