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The Times - United Kingdom | Friday, November 7, 2014

Podemos not a serious option for Spain

Ten months before the parliamentary elections in Spain, the left-leaning protest party Podemos is leading in the opinion polls. The growing popularity of the party founded at the start of 2014 is worrying, the conservative daily The Times comments: "Podemos has drawn support from both left and right. In this respect it bears comparison with Ukip, but it shares most common ground with the hardline Greek socialist grouping Syriza. Both parties have harnessed a broad and deep resentment towards European politics. Both articulate a loathing of lectures from German central bankers. Both have flirted with defaulting as a way of dealing with a ballooning national debt. Such a policy would be economic suicide. … The rise of Podemos is a serious rebuke to Spain's political establishment, but it does not offer a serious prospectus for Spain's future."

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