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Berlingske - Denmark | Thursday, October 23, 2014

Don't leave London alone with benefits tourists

British Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to present a plan for slowing down the immigration of citizens from other EU states to Britain by Christmas. The liberal-conservative daily Berlingske calls for solidarity with the British: "The EU's heads of state and government must ensure that it is possible to introduce principles of merit so that people can't receive child benefits and other social benefits right from the first day in the country. ... In Denmark, a large section of the population has the same reservations as the British regarding the EU, even though so far the social expenditure on employees from other EU countries has not risen to such levels here. Notwithstanding, a quarter of the voters in the European elections cast their ballots for the [right-wing populist] Danish People's Party. It's time to take these objections seriously."

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