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24 Sata - Croatia | Monday, October 20, 2014

Bulls-eye against Zagreb's political mafia

Croatia's national anti-corruption authority Uskok announced that the long-time mayor of the Croatian capital Zagreb, Milan Bandić, was arrested on Sunday along with other municipal politicians on charges of corruption. At last a big fish has been caught, the tabloid 24 Sata comments jubilantly: "The headline that Milan Bandić has been arrested 'for corruption' sounds almost comical in view of the fact that his name has been practically synonymous with corruption for the past decade. Now the only question is which offences he will be brought to book for - after all, the list is endless. And it's also unclear why Bandić hasn't even been questioned once in an entire decade, never mind arrested. ... This essentially demonstrates how big and powerful his corrupt family network is. Clearing up the mess of Bandić's legacy will be much harder than his arrest was."

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