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Diena - Latvia | Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Latvian elections really can change things

Latvians will elect a new parliament on Sunday. According to surveys one in five of those entitled to vote still doesn't know which party to vote for. It would be a huge pity if the people don't believe their vote can change anything, the liberal daily Diena is convinced: "Latvia is still a very young country. If parties don't fulfill their promises or if dilettantes come to power in 'old' Europe, it doesn't have such big repercussions. There everything works so smoothly that even ten failed years don't pose a threat to a country's existence. ... In Latvia things are different. The elite that has ruled the country so far hasn't managed to create a social balance, and a true civil society is still lacking after 20 years. ... Depending on which party comes to power things could change fundamentally. The Latvians must cast their ballots on election day even if they think it won't change a thing."

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