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The Independent - United Kingdom | Sunday, September 28, 2014

Muslims isolating themselves promotes extremism

The British parliament voted on Friday to participate in the airstrikes against the Islamic State. But much more effective in the fight against the extremists would be for British Muslims to clearly distance themselves from radical Islam, the Muslim columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown writes in the left-liberal daily The Independent: "I think families need to ask themselves if they do enough to teach their children they belong here and have precious rights that are not found in any Muslim states, or under killer extremists. In too many homes, the message is still given that they must not become British-ised; that they must stay within their own cultural boundaries. Too many such young people are then easily preyed on by the messengers of Wahhabism, funded by the Saudis and other rich Sunni states. Their young minds pick up on the message - follow this path, fight your battles and you can take the world."

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