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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | Monday, September 22, 2014

Peace process with Kurds jeopardised

Turkey must clearly define its position vis-à-vis the IS - and vis-à-vis the Kurds, the liberal-conservative daily Der Tagesspiegel comments: "After the liberation of its citizens, Turkey can no longer remain passive when Western and Arab allies unite against the IS. ... Now once again hundreds of thousands of refugees are flooding from Syria into Turkey. In the autonomous region of Syrian Kurdistan on Turkey's border, the IS is engaged in heavy fighting with Kurdish groups. Should the West - or even Turkey - help the Syrian Kurds, the way the Kurds in Northern Iraq were helped this summer? The Turkish Kurds are already accusing their government of leaving the Syrian Kurds at the mercy of the IS. In the end this mistrust could even jeopardise the success of the peace process between the Turkish state and its own Kurds - and at the same time the epoch-making social reconciliation. Turkey hasn't got much more time left to come up with a new stance on the IS."

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