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The Irish Times - Ireland | Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Irish should encourage Scots to go it alone

So far the Irish government has avoided taking sides regarding Scotland's independence. Ireland left the United Kingdom in 1922. But despite it's not wanting to jeopardise its relations with London, Dublin should support an independent Scotland, the left-liberal daily The Irish Times believes: "Dublin should be prepared at least to say, based on our experience - not least 50 years of currency union with the UK [from 1928 to 1979] - that independence can indeed be good for Scotland. We should applaud enthusiastically the reach of the extraordinary debate that has touched every corner of the country, and support an independent Scotland's right to be part of the EU. To that end we can promise to work to forge the same political will among EU states that enabled German reunification against countless technical and political objections."

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