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Gândul - Romania | Monday, August 25, 2014

Youtube right to censor Foley beheading

The video portal Youtube has erased videos of the execution of US journalist James Foley by the IS terrorist militia and blocked the accounts of several jihadists. By contrast, the video of the killing of a black youth by the police in the American town of Ferguson continues to circulate on the Internet. Journalist Alina Matis examines why in the online daily Gândul: "I've posted the question on Facebook and asked several journalists. Of all the answers, one really hits the nail on the head: the number of hits on Youtube won't encourage the US police to kill other black youths, while the number of viewers of the Foley video will certainly prompt the IS to film other beheadings. And in the case of the American police, the film can help to drive the debate on 'justified killing'. Nothing is 'justified' about Foley's beheading, and a debate about it would be even less helpful."

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