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Hotnews - Romania | Friday, August 22, 2014

Băsescu supports the young corrupt

The outgoing Romanian head of state Traian Băsescu is endorsing the candidacy of his long-standing confidant Elena Udrea, announced on Tuesday, for the presidential election in November. The 40-year-old was Minister for Tourism from 2008 to 2012. In supporting Udrea, Băsescu is backing a representative of the corrupt young political class, news portal Hotnews laments: "Udrea is the link between the old and the new world, she is Traian Băsescu's connection to the newly emerged political nomenklatura. The main feature of this new wave is that just like the older generation, its members have close ties to the murky world of the secret services. What has changed is that the old generation behaved differently to the new one. It was generally more willing to disdain and abuse the legal system. ... Băsescu has not beaten the old system but merely rearranged it."

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