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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hungary made history 25 years ago

The so-called Pan-European Picnic was commemorated on Tuesday in the town of Sopronpuszta on the border between Hungary and Austria. Thanks to the celebrations that took place there 25 years ago and the temporary opening of the border, around 600 East German citizens were able to flee to the West. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet points out that Hungary made history at the time: "With the border opening, Hungary significantly changed the course of history. This gesture on Hungary's part not only hastened the fall of the Berlin Wall, but also German unification. German politicians still express their gratitude to Hungary to this day. ... Back then, welcoming East German refugees was not 'only' a humanitarian action, but also a decision on values. With this historic step, Hungary put an end to its solidarity with Moscow and the Eastern Bloc and announced to all the world where it wanted to return to: to the West, to Europe."

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