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România Liberâ - Romania | Monday, August 18, 2014

Romania's judicary finally cleans up

No sooner was Romanian media mogul Dan Voiculescu sentenced to ten years in prison than he made a public statement on his blog on Sunday that he would continue to fight for press freedom and against President Traian Băsescu. With judgements like that against Voiculescu the judiciary is starting to face up to the legacy of the communist past 25 years after the end of communism, the daily România Liberă believes: "For the Ancient Romans, lustration was a sort of cleansing ceremony. It would really have 'purified' Romanian society if the former Party officials and Securitate staff had not been allowed to become part of the state leadership. ... But now the judiciary is taking matters into its own hands, and that is a far better purge for our society. The old cadres are losing all their influence - in the economy as well as in politics. And what's more, they're being given prison sentences. ... Get ready: the last tremors of the past will be a true spectacle and provide answers to all the questions you've been asking yourselves for decades."

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