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hvg - Hungary | Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Budapest occupation monument put up overnight

Despite months of fierce protests, the monument commemorating the occupation of Hungary by Nazi Germany was erected on Budapest's Freedom Square on Saturday night. It depicts a German imperial eagle attacking the archangel Gabriel, representing Hungary. Out of cowardice Viktor Orbán's government had the monument erected in a cloak and dagger operation, philosopher Gáspár Miklós Tamás writes in the left-liberal weekly paper Heti Világgazdaság: "Of course, what happened on the morning of July 20 was directed at the Hungarian Jews. This deceitful monument was erected in the middle of the night in a cowardly, underhanded way, with large-scale police protection and behind high protective fences. ... The sole message the monument sends is that the Hungarians had nothing to do with the whole thing: what happened back then was done by foreigners (the Germans) to other foreigners (the Jews). ... But that's forgetting that in those days the Hungarians acted as lackeys to the Germans."

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