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Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Israel must finally listen to Hamas

Israel must try to understand Hamas's cause, Gideon Levy, editor of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz writes in an opinion piece for the left-liberal daily Frankfurter Rundschau: "We may even be permitted to put ourselves in [Hamas's] shoes, perhaps even to appreciate the daring and resilience of this, our bitter enemy, under harsh conditions. But Israel prefers to shut its ears to the demands of the other side, even when those demands are right and conform to Israel's own interests in the long run. Israel prefers to strike Hamas without mercy and with no purpose other than revenge. ... Hamas and Islamic Jihad demand freedom for Gaza. Is there a more understandable and just demand? There is no way to end the current cycle of killing, and not have another round in a few months, without accepting this."

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