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Sme - Slovakia | Friday, July 11, 2014

US risks losing Germans' affection

The US clearly doesn't understand why the Germans are so upset about its ongoing spying activities, the liberal daily Sme comments in wonder: "The Germans have always had a special relationship with the Americans and have felt a deep sense of gratitude: for the post-war chocolate for the kids, for the nylon stockings for the women, for the Marshall Plan that financed the economic miracle, and finally for democracy. ... World War II turned the two into the closest transatlantic allies. But now in an unparalleled move Germany has asked the top US intelligence official to leave the country. Merkel must stress that the Cold War is over and the allies have more important things to do than spy on each other. If the Americans don't understand Germany's anger, they can hardly expect things to get as far as a transatlantic free trade agreement. The US has to set its priorities. Even the gratitude for chocolate, stockings and the economic miracle won't last forever."

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