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Sme - Slovakia | Friday, July 4, 2014

Germany must succeed

Europe's crisis management vis-à-vis Ukraine and Russia is focused more and more in Berlin, the liberal daily Sme observes, and adds that Germany must succeed in its efforts: "For the British and the French Ukraine is further away and their politicians' goal is mainly hindering any EU sanctions that could hurt their interests. Neighbouring Poland got involved right for the start, but Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski's harsh words aren't compatible with the views of the more cautious Germans and French. ... So the key lies in Germany. Of all European leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin respects Chancellor Merkel the most. Of all these countries Germany is Russia's largest trading partner, and is keen to prevent these ties from being broken. ... At pains to avoid being criticised, it is working in tandem with France on a solution to the crisis. To avoid a loss of credibility Germany must be successful."

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